The joy of consultancy

The joy of consultancy

What a week! I can’t deny I’m relieved it’s Friday and the weekend beckons. But before I switch off the computer, I’m just pausing for a moment to reflect on a week which passed in a flash. Why did it whizz by? Variety. One of the main reasons I love what I do.

My week began with a half day of video editing with Charlie Budd in stunning surroundings at a new co-working space near Stratford upon Avon. We were creating this festive cocktail-making video for my client, HB&O:

Then it was an afternoon of healthcare copywriting and proofing artwork before heading to a town council meeting. Tuesday started with issuing a consumer affairs press release, followed by ghost-writing a blog for a client, and developing a comms plan for a local authority project.

Other priorities this week have included strategic planning, email marketing, newsletter writing, case study research and drafting, all rounded off with a festive client lunch this afternoon.

It’s been a busy week, with a few late nights, but there was certainly no time to get bored.

As an independent consultant, spinning plates comes with the territory. While there are times when keeping all the tableware turning can be a real challenge, the rewards are plentiful. My working days fly by; the work is - at different times - fun, challenging, stretching and exhausting. Plus, I get to work with a really wide range of people – clients, colleagues and suppliers – who are experts in their field and keep me learning every day.

Of course there are days when the admin build up has to be tackled, or the task in hand doesn’t immediately excite, but on the whole, the variety keeps me focused and I feel very fortunate to enjoy my work.

That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to a break over Christmas though – those plates will just have sit tight for a fortnight while I recharge the batteries and have some much needed family time.


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