Tree Tales

Tree Tales

The story behind our Christmas trees

The need to think about our corporate Christmas card looms large at the end of the year and it’s safe to say it’s not usually a project we relish.

Happily, this year was fairly painless – we quickly settled on the different styles of Christmas tree and the message that even your tree creates an impression of you or your business. Much of our work this year has been about encouraging clients to bring their unique style and personality to their communications, so this felt like a natural link.

It also got us thinking about our own trees at home. For my part, I’ve always been slightly in awe of the beautifully appointed trees with every decoration in its place and colours perfectly balanced – but that is not our tree. We have three physical requirements when it comes to Christmas trees.

  1. It must be real.
  2. It must be ridiculously wide (our current tree creates an impenetrable screen, making it easy for me to hide away unseen for ages in the living room).
  3. It must be high enough off the ground for the dog to sleep underneath it (this is also the reason why we don’t have many low decorations – a cockerpoo adorned with fairly lights may be cute, but is pretty catastrophic when attached to the rest of the tree.)

But what I love about our tree is that it has so much to say. Our decorations are a muddle by design. Every year we buy a couple of new decorations, from hand sewn robins and musical Santas (yes, really), to knitted stockings and glittering baubles. Most are bought at weird and wonderful locations during the year, bringing back memories of things we have done and places we’ve been. Some have pockets which get occasionally filled with chocolate by passing fairies (when they remember!) and some are gifts from friends and family who are no longer with us.

Overall, it’s a busy, happy tree. Not shop window perfect but it tells a story of a busy household coming together for Christmas. We love it

I’m pleased to say, I’m not alone in avoiding the picture perfect tree – Katie’s tree tells a similarly eclectic story…

“I used to be very particular about what went on our tree, as I wanted to create a display of coordinated baubles and perfectly balanced sparkle. I’ve had to let go a bit since the kids became interested in decorating the tree but I am pleased to say this year’s effort was a harmonious collaboration between the whole family. Well, almost.

“My daughter, an artist, carefully placed the most tasteful of decorations in equal measure around the tree. My son, a Minecraft addict, threw as many baubles as he could at the branches he could reach quickly, before getting bored and my husband placed his Liverpool Football Club bauble in pride of place. I came in at the end to re-position the Liverpool bauble somewhere less obvious and add a few final flourishes of particularly kitsch decorations. Finished with real candles from Denmark (a family tradition which scares me to death) and some highly flammable foil string, we are set for an exciting Christmas!”

May you all have a fun filled Christmas around your very own perfect tree.

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